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  • Doom “Black Moday”


    “Black Monday”

    I don’t believe in your weak fucking system!
    Death to this system which oppresses us

    Your capitalist ideals are decrepit and worn
    Death to this system which oppresses us

    I wish for when your economy collapses
    Death to this system which oppresses us

    Your fucking downfall a new beginning
    Death to this system which oppresses us
    Death to this system which oppresses us
    Death to this system which oppresses us

    #Doom #CrustPunk #BlackMonday

  • Sobre el compa Raúl Bravo (Chango de Sarcasmo)


    El día 18 de Octubre el compañero Raul Bravo (chango, vocal y guitarra de la banda SARCASMO de tepeji del Río Hgo.)Fue detenido en un espacio donde tatuaba…en dicho lugar se realizó un cateo por un reporte de venta de droga; a él junto con dos personas más los detuvieron. En este momento está en calidad de cómplice y está detenido sin pruebas, quien lo conoce sabe que desde hace tiempo se dedica a tatuar y lo hacía en casa, el dueño del lugar lo invitó a participar en el local y trabajaba ahí hace no más de dos meses solo 3 horas diarias, dentro de las cuales nunca se percató de esta acción ya que se retiraba a las 6:00pm. Su familia nos pide ayuda económica ya que desde que entro al reclusorio tanto los abogados como adentro del penal se han encargado de solo sacar dinero, podemos ayudar !!la comunidad punk, grind, crust siempre ha sido solidaria; ahora él y su familia nos necesitan.
    A cualquiera nos puede pasar estar en el lugar y momento equivocado.
    Saludos libertarios.
    Pongo por aquí el contacto directo con su hermana Darinka Bravo (Daris BC )daris_31@hotmail.com
    Cuenta Banorte 4915665492054628
    Cuenta Bancomer 4152 3134 6395 1090
    Clave interbancaria
    On the 18th of October 2018 our comrade Raul Bravo aka Chango who plays guitar and does vocals in Sarcasmo was arrested in the tattoo shop where he was working in Mexico.
    The shop was raided by Police and they said that the shop was being used to deal drugs. He and two others were arrested, and he remains in jail in Mexico awaiting court. Without any proof he has been accused of being an accessory to crime, specifically: drug dealing.
    However many people knows that in Mexico, anyone who looks different can be arrested, charged and held. Our comrade was always active since the 90`s together with his band and involved in collectives organising and supporting political movements, like animal liberation, zapatistas, anti homophobic collectives, anarchist unions, social centres and of course political prisoners like Anarchist Black Cross collective.
    In Mexico when you are in jail you must pay for everything – as someone in jail, even to get a glass of water you must pay money and not counting if you want to have an “easy life” in there you have to pay for the basic stuff like if you want to get a recicle blanked to put in the top of the concrete bed to don’t get sick or if you want to call your family or for the basic personal higiene stuff, in Mexican jails people say ‘En el rancho nada es gratis’, that means in the ranch nothing is for free, and of course you have to pay for protection from the custodies and or other inmates. On top of this, they are also paying lawyers to handle the case and to the custodies to let the family give him clean clothes and money for the medicine that he needs for his health problems.
    Many people in Mexico and other countries from Latinoamerica already showed him their solidarity but unfortunately like we know the economic situation in those countries is too bad that the support that he is receiving from them is not enough.
    Chango has long been an active member of the punk/crust/grindcore communities, and he has always supported us and shown solidarity with others. Now it is our turn to show him the same solidarity and support.
    Donations can be sent/made to
    Banorte 4915665492054628
    Bancomer 4152 3134 6395 1090
    Clave interbancaria

  • A-Political – Punk Is A Ghetto


    There is a world out there beyond punk
    Our revolution isn’t punk
    Our revolution is much grander Reality check!
    Punk isn’t everything!
    Punk is a ghetto
    Revolutionize the world not just your scene

    Hay un mundo más allá del punk.
    Nuestra revolución no es punk.
    ¡Nuestra revolución es mucho más grandiosa!
    ¡El punk no lo es todo!
    Punk es un gueto
    Revoluciona el mundo no solo tu escena

    #Punk #Apolitical