[LA FURIA] Lokal de La Furia de las Calles CDMX Julio 2018

De jueves a domingo de 15:00 a 19:00 Hrs. en Calle Manuel Carpio 117 segundo piso (Casa de Ondas) enfrente del Kiosko Morisco de la Santa Maria La Ribera, metro San Cosme/Buenavista Ciudad de Mexico

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Rola: «D.I.Y.» CRESS
You’re living someonelses’ life, doing exactly what you are told,
they’ve got you under their thumb, if you don’t, you’re out in the cold,
so you try to be different, try to be one and you, think your getting bold,
so the’ve got to sort you out, before you get big and they’ve got to bring you back to the fold,
they want control and they want it now, they want you to live their way,
and you won’t want anything, cos you’ve got a job with low pay,
see the government will look after you, but the government is bad for your health,
without you, the are nothing, so get out and do it yourself